Unreleased Aces (Harlem’s Cash, Loaded lux, The Kid Daytona,V.Dot) Music

29 Mar

Alot of my day one supporters remember me starting on mixtapes late 2005 in a group called The Aces which consisted of me and my childhood friends The Kid Daytona and Loaded Lux. but by the time you guys heard us we had already had gone thru the ups and down of this industry, losing a record deal, switching management yadda yadda yadda. During the times Though when everything was all good were working on our major label debut, seeing that never happened…years later i’ve decided to free some of our work being it isnt doing me any justice in my itunes library just sitting there. so here you have 2 unreleased tracks from a bunch of teenage kids from uptown who had the privilege to work with a platinum producer who at that time was on fire! if you like the records leme know and i’ll post more

Shout out to The Kid Daytona, Loaded lux,and V.dot!! Anything Can (still) Equal Success

Download/Stream Aces Ultra produced by Megahertz
Download/Stream Chiddy Chiddy Bang produced by Megahertz


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