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Harlem’s Cash Ft Wize G -“La La” (Prod by Thelonious1up)

1 Apr

THIS RECORD IS “NOT ON THE WHOLE THING” just a random record i wanted people to hear.

Keepin it all the way 100!! i think my nigga wizzy got me on this joint , ive listen to his verse at least 100 times no bullshit, but its all good cause everything came together perfect on this joint. The mood in the studio that night was just right. Smoke in the air, CIROC on po’ and a soulful beat that you had no choice but to talk ya’ shit over. This was one of many joints me and Wize worked on in a couple days span. Look for homie to make some noise real soon.

Download/Stream Harlem’s Cash Ft Wize G “La La”
(I know the La la pic has nothing to do with nothing but fuck it!!!)