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Harlem’s Cash to appear on Deal With No Deal Radio

30 Mar

On March 30th Cash will visit DWND Radio to Talk “The Whole Thing”, Why it took so long to drop another project after CASHifornication, And why #ChillDontPayTheBills. Tune in from 7pm – 8pm Wednesday March 30th

Click here to listen live! once there select “Click Here” To Listen Live to WHCS

Shout out to @YungNate, @OnMyVanGogh and the homie @Copastetik Follow them on twitter as well as @DWNDRadio and @DealwithNoDeal


Unreleased Aces (Harlem’s Cash, Loaded lux, The Kid Daytona,V.Dot) Music

29 Mar

Alot of my day one supporters remember me starting on mixtapes late 2005 in a group called The Aces which consisted of me and my childhood friends The Kid Daytona and Loaded Lux. but by the time you guys heard us we had already had gone thru the ups and down of this industry, losing a record deal, switching management yadda yadda yadda. During the times Though when everything was all good were working on our major label debut, seeing that never happened…years later i’ve decided to free some of our work being it isnt doing me any justice in my itunes library just sitting there. so here you have 2 unreleased tracks from a bunch of teenage kids from uptown who had the privilege to work with a platinum producer who at that time was on fire! if you like the records leme know and i’ll post more

Shout out to The Kid Daytona, Loaded lux,and!! Anything Can (still) Equal Success

Download/Stream Aces Ultra produced by Megahertz
Download/Stream Chiddy Chiddy Bang produced by Megahertz

Harlem’s Cash x DjBooth.Net

25 Mar

As you know i am gearing up to release “The Whole Thing” which is my first real project in over a year. To help give this moment as much light as possible im teaming up with www.DjBooth.Net, who will sponsor and provide the main download link upon release. Its a pleasure to work with DjBooth being they have been a part of some of the most exciting and fresh projects in the last couple of year, and hopefully “The Whole Thing” will continue that trend! this will be the first of many project i have in the work with the good people of www.DjBooth.Net so stay tuned…

Shout out Dj Z (@DjBooth) and the whole DjBooth.Net staff

Live From The Corner PT 1

18 Mar

If you know anything about about Harlem (My Hometown and names sake) you find that everyone from up here is a "Hustler" of some sort. Using that same hustlers mentality i've decided to take my "Work" (bars) to different corners through out the city and try to expand on what i've created uptown. The First stop on this five borough tour is South Side Jamaica Queens, where i checked in on my Homeboy Mike who runs the phone store on Sutphin blvd.

We See Produced by 6th Sense

15 Mar

“Ya’ll dont understand what the fuck we see” – Harlem’s Cash

Download/Stream We See (produced by 6th sense)

In my young career i have had the pleasure of working with a lot of talented producers but i have to say 6th Sense is one of my favorites. His passion for music is something you rarely see in a day and age where everybody is looking to create a generic Hit. We see came about during a all night studio session fueled by liquor and laughter where 6th stated “we gotta get something done tonight” so while looking through his itunes library i came across this instrumental that sounded so bare that it was full of emotion, after 30 minutes of pacing back and forth writing in my blackberry i was ready to record. Never one to get it one take, after a hour or so We See was done and is one of my fav’s off The Whole Thing


The Concept Behind The Title “The Whole Thing”

11 Mar

The title of  my upcoming EP “The Whole Thing” Actually comes from a drug reference for pounds of weed and bricks of cocaine. When your in the business of selling Whole things you let others break it down to do what they please with it, and thats what im doing with my life on this project. Each song is a piece of my story that when put with the others forms “The Whole Thing“. I try to be as honest as possible with out sounding like im glorifying the street life. “The Whole Thing” will be the listeners chance to break down my experiences and come to whatever conclusion the feel fits.


#TheWholeThing Coming Sooner Than u Think


Harlem’s Cash- Talking Down (Produced by The Government)

7 Mar

After releasing “On My Way To HARLEMwood”, “OMWTH 1.5″, and “CASHifornication”, Harlem’s Cash is set to put forth “The Whole Thing”.
“This is basically me giving you my whole story and letting
you break it down to form whatever opinion you feels fit” -HC

With production by The Government, 6th sense, Woody and Mr Fingaz. “The Whole Thing” is slated to drop very soon.

Download/Stream Talking down