The Whole Thing EP

18 Apr

1. Wake Up (Prod. By The Government)
2. Came in the game (Prod. By The Government)
3. 8th ave (Prod. By The Government)
4. Mailbox (Prod. By Woody)
5. We see (Prod. By 6th Sense)
6. Runaway (Prod. By Euro)
7. That’s the way (Prod. By The Government)
8. Talkin down (Prod. By The Government)
9. Later goodbye feat. Outasight (Prod. By 6th Sense)
10.Love affair feat. IFFY (Prod. By Thelonious1up)
11.Corner Boys (Prod. Mr. Fingaz)

When you see imagery and hear the title The whole Thing you probably automatically think pounds and kilo’s which if you’re in tune with street culture is a accurate assumption. In this case though its me taking my whole life and putting it in song form for you to break it down like drugs and inhale my story. The Whole Thing to me is my first real project, everything else i have put out to date has been freestyle mix tapes and what not. I feel the more personal and open i am in my music the more you can relate and think of my voice as your own.




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