I Need Your Help….

4 Apr

Now a days it seems most artist especially here in New York get a lot of placements and ill “looks” that gets them hype and make them cocky but at their shows and what not they have no fans. Well that isnt the road im trying to go down. Thats the main reason i blog the way i do, hoping to build with you guys and create a core that can grow with me on this journey. i myself get alot of support from sites and the media in general but if i show that there is a demand for my work what reason do these outlets have to continue showing me love? thats where you guys come in. i need you guys to not go out your way but while your online visiting these sites and you see my work, take a second to listen/download and leave a comment. it all starts with you guys, you have kept me afloat in a industry that has dried to drown me out and for that i thank you. Lets keep the momentum going! http://www.allhiphop.com has select “La La” as “Heater Of The Day” and its already over 1000 plays for the day, lets get it to 2000!! CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT.

http://www.djbooth.net is another website that has went beyond the average to support me, they have selected “La La” as a “Breaking Feature” and there readers have left comments like “Average”, well lets show them that there is nothing average about this hustle!!!! we are the people that grind to make our dreams come to life!!!! CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT

Harlem’s Cash


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